Body Image Therapy

Finding freedom with food,
your body, and your soul.

A unique blend of therapy and coaching for those
who are ready to break away from negative patterns
around body image.

Body Image Therapy

Finding freedom with food,
your body, and your soul.

A unique blend of therapy and coaching for those who are ready to break away from negative patterns around body image.

Hey 👋 I'm Lucie

If you are here, it means you are still struggling with a few things…

Where you are…

😫 Struggles with self-esteem and body confidence

❌ The negative inner monologue going on inside your head

🤷‍♀️ Guilt and shame about your body lack of self-control

👤 Isolating yourself from others, feeling judged, comparing yourself

👉 Avoiding activities you enjoy (like swimming or dancing) because you’re self-conscious about your appearance

😡 The energy you put into thinking about food, planning meals and calculating what you can eat.


🕺 Where you want to be…

If you’re deeply committed, here’s what you’ll get:

🌷 A deep love and appreciation for the great human that you are 

🧱 Self compassion and accountability 

💕 Authentic connections, revealing your true self to others and enjoying genuine relationships.

🥳 An appreciation for life, being able to enjoy special moments without intrusive thoughts about your body

🌈 An abundance of time and energy for other aspects of life, like hobbies, career changes, travel, and new relationships.

The process

I work online with people all around the world 🌍

Here are the major components of our work together:

Our main goal : Clarity 💎

It’s quite common to be unaware of the full scope of your body image issues, as these problems are inherently complex. They consist of a multifaceted thought system that relies on tactics and tricks to keep us in a semi-state of denial.

That’s why gaining insight into their actual impact on our lives is already a considerable first step 👊. While working together, we will focus on honesty and introspection, as we join forces to pinpoint areas needing improvement. 

This awareness will serve as a foundation for empowering you to embrace a healthier, more positive relationship with yourself.

How do we get there ? ⬇️

Here are the main themes we will explore to get clarity:

Theme: your emotions 😌

  • We’ll assess your ability to embrace intense emotions, your connection to your body, and your presence within it, delving into any potential barriers.
  • Through practical exercises, assignments and conversations, we will explore your reactions to feelings such as anxiety or sadness.
  • How do you experience emotions? Are you able to allow yourself to feel intense emotions? Can you be present in your body? If not, why?

Theme 2 : your environment 👪

  • We will explore your family dynamics growing up: What was your role within the family? What importance was given to appearance and body image in your family? Could you express opinions and emotions then? Were you listened to?
  • We will also consider the era you grew up in and the messages you received from your broader environment – your school, friends, media, films, and society. Identify the influences that shaped you and any toxic messages you may have internalized.
  • We will explore what traditional gender roles mean to you. What feelings do these concepts evoke? How do you respond when deviating from the « ideal » model you have set for yourself?

Theme 3 : your inner monologue 🧠

  • Understanding this critical voice inside your head that makes it impossible for you to be fully happy.
  • How do you talk to yourself? What words do you use? Why do you speak to yourself this way? Do you use « I » or « you » when talking to yourself? 
  • My goal is to give you the tools to change your inner monologue and to set boundaries with it. We will explore the concepts of internalized voice, self-objectification and dissociation.

Theme 4 : self-esteem 💪

  • Understanding what shame and self-esteem mean to you.
  • Do you often feel shame? What are you ashamed of? When you feel shame, can you differentiate between a situation (« I am ashamed of having done wrong ») and self-shame (« I am a worthless person »)?
  • Do you feel genuine in your relationships? Can you show who you really are?
  • Does your self-esteem fluctuate depending on your weight? Is your self-image fluctuating? Why? What feelings does this bring to you?

Theme 5 : love ❤️

  • We all deserve a special and rare relationship. Accessing that kind of love requires you to develop a next-level relationship with yourself. Getting your there will be our goals during our sessions.
  • We will discuss your relationship with others, your friendships, and your romantic relationships. What are your attachement pattern? How do you behave in your romantic relationships and/or when pursuing a relationship? 
  • Do you think love is only accessible if you have a certain appearance? How much have you internalized heteronormative beauty standards? 
  • How much access did you have to love as a child? Was love conditional? What is your attachment style?

Lucie guides you in finding freedom with food, your body and your soul.

1-on-1 work includes four 1-hour long calls per month, practical exercises and homework.

Cost is $120/session.

Why can you trust me
to get you there?

Because I've done it too

Why is this topic important to me? Because I’ve been through it.

I suffered from ED for more than 10 years. I went through all the phases of disordered eating: compulsive calorie counting, obsession with physical activity, and control over my appearance. 

My healing journey was transformative on a deep level. 

In 5 years I :
– (re)gained my freedom, enthusiasm, and access to all the love that was forgotten deep within me
– Move to a radiant city where I built a beautiful and awesome life for myself
– Found the career of my dreams
– Build amazing relationships and surrounded myself with inspiring people

Today, I am passionate about guiding others on the same journey of acceptance and self-discovery.

My coaching/therapist credentials :

  • My training is in Gestalt-therapy. I am currently studying at « L’école humaniste de Gestalt » in Paris, graduated in 2024 as Practitioner in Gestalt-therapy. 
  • Body image coach since 2022
  • Business mentor and coach for female entrepreneurs since 2020

Disclaimer: Eating disorders and other serious mental health issues should be addressed by a qualified healthcare professional. If you are experiencing severe symptoms such as self-harm or suicidal thoughts, please seek immediate help from a licensed healthcare professional, therapist, or counselor.

You can also contact local support organizations, helplines, or online resources to receive guidance and assistance. It’s important to prioritize your well-being and work with a qualified expert to address these serious concerns 💛.