1-on-1 with Lucie

Waitlist Application

How it works:

  • I am opening 2-3 new slots every month.
  • Applications will be chosen based on a combination of:
    • First come first served
    • How much I’ll be able to help you grow
  • The price is currently 120$/session however I expect that to increase significantly over the next 6 months and your application now will lock you in at this price.
  • I don’t raise prices with people while I’m working with them. So, if you’re pretty clear you’d like to work with me, it would be wise to apply now 🙂
  • I am so excited to read your application! Thank you for taking the time to fill this out thoughtfully 🍾

Pro bono / discounts : I like to keep some slots open for pro bono work. If you cannot afford the sessions due to financial constraints but are in need of guidance, please send me the details of your situation. There is currently a waiting list for these sessions as well.